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GO! Creative’s Graphic Depiction Helps Build the Peace Process

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infographicSince 1964, in Colombia, South America, more than 218,000 people have been killed in one of the world’s most brutal conflicts. More than 80% of the dead were civilians.   More than 25,000 people have disappeared and more than 27,000 people have been kidnapped. These atrocities continue.

The Latin America Working Group [LAWG.org] has guided U.S. lawmakers to change policies towards Latin America and promote human rights, justice, peace and sustainable development throughout the region. Yet, it has been difficult for LAWG to explain just how catastrophic the Colombian conflict has been. Says Lisa Haugaard, LAWG Executive Director, “The evidence is overwhelming. Yet, we needed to share the stark facts with Congress, policy makers, opinion makers and the public in a visual way that forced people to acknowledge them. The United States must understand why continuing the war is not an option, and why there is a critical need to urge support for the advancing peace process.”

In response, GO! Creative developed an infographic that provides a snapshot of the casualties. LAWG has reproduced the graphic in print, electronic, web-based, social media and email formats. Juanes, the Colombian rockstar, recently retweeted the image.

“We are still working on developing creative ways to disemminate the message,” says Haugaard. “Our efforts have received positive feedback and attention, but we still need to do more.”

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