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GO! Creative Aids EWTF to Promote WellnessWorks

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wellness works-CMYKoutAt Local 26 IBEW-NECA Joint Trust Funds (EWTF) [ewtf.org] they understand that not only does illness put a huge strain on patients and their families, it impacts the workplace. As the cost of providing health insurance and health care to workers continues to rise, EWTF has put a plan into action that focuses on wellness. Fund Manager Peter Klein says, “We have seen that when people respond and take prevention seriously they have excellent results—it really makes a difference.”

Bryan postcardIn 2011, EWTF, with the help of UnitedHealthcare, incorporated a disease management program that allows participants and their families access to a qualified nurse who is specially trained in the latest advances and treatments for certain chronic conditions—diabetes, asthma and heart disease. At the same time, they launched WellnessWorks, a focused campaign to communicate, inform and educate workers on a myriad of issues concerning their health. Comunications have included mailings, email blasts and health fairs. “Our most effective communication has been our quarterly newsletter designed by GO! Creative,” shares Peter. “It has been widely read and each issue features health-related articles.” GO! Creative developed the program logo, news publication, promotional postcards, posters, flyers, web graphics and more.

Since the program’s inception, EWTF has observed that workers have fewer in-patient hospitalizations and, if admitted, are released more quickly, which has resulted in a marked reduction in expenses. In addition, the focus on exercise and wellness coaching has allowed patients to reduce their medications. EWTF’s goal is to increase workers’ wellness while saving 2-3% per year on health-care related costs. Peter explains: “Changing existing behaviors is difficult. We are in it for the long run. Being commited to a wellness program requires patience, advance planning and careful preparation.”



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